Bible study 4

In studying your Bible, it is very important you realize the Bible is segmented and classified into different parts depending on your focus. But of all the classifications, the most important one is the classifications Jesus and the Apostles gave it. Let’s see it. Matthew 11:13 For all THE PROPHETS and THE LAW prophesied until […]

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Bible study 3

In bible study there’s such a thing as Grammatical Analysis. Understand the Bible wasn’t written in divine or heavenly language. Divine truths were communicated through human words. So although the Bible was inspired by the Spirit of God, it was written by men, for men with languages of men, hence the normal rules of man’s […]

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Bible study 2

In bible study there’s such a thing as Contextual Analysis. The word context comes from the Latin contextus or contexere, meaning “to weave together.” Therefore, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and even larger works, such as chapters and books, can be part of a whole just as a fabric is composed of individual threads woven together. […]

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Bible study

Part 1 It will be very wrong for anyone to take EVERYTHING in the Bible and assume it’s all the word of God. In the Bible, God spoke. Satan spoke. Angels spoke Demons spoke Men spoke- both godly and ungodly Even animals spoke. And all were recorded. Out of the at least 6 possibility of […]

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Be edified 2

The spirit in your spirit is not going to give you the inheritance. Never, he is the inheritance himself. That is a manifestation and reality. Look into the word and walk in this reality. Deliberately desire the spiritual. There’s no time you need to desire the spiritual than this. Refuse to be a loaded useless […]

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Be edified!

Just like Jesus you will be a blessing to the world when you learn and actually walk in the spirit just like Jesus. God is not a respecter of any man and Jesus is not excepted because he was a man and still a man. Get into the word and find out what Jesus did […]

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