Be edified!

Just like Jesus you will be a blessing to the world when you learn and actually walk in the spirit just like Jesus. God is not a respecter of any man and Jesus is not excepted because he was a man and still a man. Get into the word and find out what Jesus did to do, you should do to do. Look closely into the secret life of Jesus for there lies the secret for his manifestation of the spirit. Actions are seed says the spirit of God. Deliberately desire the spiritual because you are spiritual Indeed. For you are born of the spirit. As you are tempted in like manner he was tempted but he chose to walk in the spirit,chose tonight. You are born of the word. You are loaded with the manifestation of the spirit.

Thus says the Lord, these have been prepared before the foundation of the world. You having the spirit is not an after thought. If I so gracefully and wisely give you my spirit don’t you think it’s worth more than this world.. for that’s this same spirit I have. By my spirit I have given my mouth, my hands, my legs. You are united with me by my spirit. Lay your hands and see the results of my lands being laid. Speak out boldly and see the results of my words. Move and arrive at my destination. Look and see beyond the natural. For I am in you active by my spirit. For I have fulfilled that which I said in my word that I will be in you, I will walk in you, I will be your God and you shall be my son. Now is the fullness of my inheritance in you by the spirit.

This is what the spirit says


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