Be edified 2

The spirit in your spirit is not going to give you the inheritance. Never, he is the inheritance himself. That is a manifestation and reality. Look into the word and walk in this reality. Deliberately desire the spiritual. There’s no time you need to desire the spiritual than this. Refuse to be a loaded useless entity. For you are loaded indeed. And the rev of the will and wisdom of God is given to you by the spirit, for the spirit searches all things…yes! The deep things of God. And these deep things of God are said through your mouth when you pray and talk in tongues. For tongues is the native language of the spirit. Talking in tongues is the spirit revealing all that’s in him to you. Talking in tongues is you talking as the spirit. Talking in tongues is you talking the will and the revelation of the glory of God. And we read that Jesus was raised from the dead by the glory of God,so when you talk in tongues you talk the power into manifestation. There’s no way you can acknowledge the finished work of Christ other than talking in tongues. For eye has not seen to the fullest the things God has prepared for them that he love but these things are revealed to us nakedly by the spirit. Pray in tongues… speak the revelation. For it’s in the speaking of the revelation that every good thing in you in Christ is put to work. Jude 20. You build up yourself, you improve yourself, you edify yourself, you strengthen yourself, you mature yourself praying in the holy ghost.


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